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The world of digital marketing is a hectic place. Cut through the noise by amplifying your brand with Sharp Auction Engine’s Essential Starter Kit, built specifically for auctioneers. YOUR all-in-one Essential Starter Kit makes it easy to get YOUR auction house online and build YOUR brand. Trying to operate an e-commerce business without an online presence is like going fishing without a fishing pole. For less than the cost of that fishing pole, you can establish your digital presence today, and put all of your online operations in one place.

Your Essential Starter Kit includes:

Your Branding

Unlimited Auction Event Postings

Email Management

E-Commerce Web Presence

Email Management

Mobile-Friendly App

Bidder Contact Management

Catalog Management

Rich Video Streaming & Beautiful Pictures

Built-in Auction Calendar

Your Company

Your Brand

Your Bidders

Your Website

Your Data

Branded Website

Everything you touch belongs to you, and you alone. YOUR brand, YOUR bidders, YOUR data. You can’t go anywhere without a customizable, branded, e-commerce website. Skip the hassle of hiring a web developer and get YOUR branded, auction-optimized website

FREE Auction Calendar

Let people know about all of YOUR upcoming events with a simple, visualized auction calendar for no extra charge. YOUR bidders will never miss another auction

Unlimited Auction Events

Every lot, every catalog, every listing. With SAE there’s no limit to the number of auctions you can post. Paint the picture for YOUR bidders with free HTML5 integrations and unlimited photo uploads. Quickly copy and paste widgets of your auction event listings anywhere on the web so YOUR auctions are seen anywhere you can think to put them.

Plus, all of YOUR auctions can be auto cross-posted to,,, and Global!

Easy Bidder Management

No more hassling with third party mailing systems. The built-in bidder and email management system lets you communicate with YOUR bidders, directly through YOUR website. Easily send bulk notifications or individual correspondences.

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