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No Contracts, No Downloads

Don’t get stuck in a contract. SAE charges month-to-month with no set-up fees and no listing fees. Plus, new features are automatically applied; no messing with clunky software updates.

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Conduct Auctions Anywhere

You and your bidders are no longer constrained. Host an auction from your computer, tablet, or cell phone while sitting on the beach and your bidders can do the same.


Your Auctions, Your Brand

SAE's platform is customizable and can even serve as your company website. List on-site or live auctions as well as online auctions while staying true to your brand.

All the Features You Love:

Our state-of-the-art platform simplifies your job and your bidders' experience. And with our rapid development, you are guaranteed to consistently have the latest features at your finger tips.


Auto Credit Card Payments


Pick a Theme or Customize


Detailed Auction Reports


Auctioneer Dashboard


Robust Invoice System


Custom Listings


Dynamic Bid Extension


Mobile Responsive Design


Cloud Hosting


Bidder-Friendly Layout


Staggered Bid Endings


Dynamic Page Refreshes


Messaging System


Custom Theme Options


Private Label


SEO Tools


Auctioneer Support


Auto Assign Photos to Items

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How We Got Here


July 19

V. 2.3 Release

SAE V. 2.3 is our “Real Estate Friendly” release! With most of our more important features in this release focused on customization and the user experience, we’ve made it easier than ever to enhance your business’ online presence.
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April 21

V. 2.2 Release

The “power and control” release! With SAE V. 2.2, auctioneers now have more configurations to run things exactly how they want: from custom-set dynamic increments and notification settings to more editable bidder details.
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Mar 8

V. 2.1 Release

It’s now easier than ever to get seen by the world with SAE! V. 2.1 introduces new integrated syndication processes and exciting new options for bidder display and more, giving you more control of your auctions and business operations than ever before.
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Oct 6

V. 2.0.2 Release

With V. 2.0.2, SAE goes global! SAE now supports international bidders and currency. This update also includes the Widget feature, Bid History report, and streamlined bidding plus numerous enhancements to overall display and navigation.
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Aug 4

V. 2.0.1 Release

V. 2.0.1 brings many changes, but most importantly it provides you with updated theming options including a dual navigation menu, custom favicon, and more.
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May 26

V. 2.0.0 Release

SAE releases V. 2.0.0, a true private label product bursting at the seams with the features you love, supported by the best technology available.
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Aug 6

V. 1.1.9 Release

SAE releases V. 1.1.9 with photo auto assigning, automatic credit card payments, staggered endings, custom dynamic bid extensions, grouped items, and new Auction Summary report.
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Jul 8

V. 1.1.8 Release

SAE releases V. 1.1.8 with credit card payments, updated text editors, and new custom theme options.
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Jul 16

V. 1.1.7 Release

SAE releases V. 1.1.7 with credit card preauthorization, improved listing creation, and new custom theme options.
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May 8

V. 1.1.6 Release

SAE releases V. 1.1.6 with new Users tab and "For Sale" real estate listings.
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Apr 14

V. 1.1.5 Release

SAE releases V. 1.1.5 with automated payment integration and Bid Qualifications feature.
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Mar 31

V. 1.1.4 Release

SAE releases V. 1.1.4 with new pricing plans, Account tab, and new auction methods, (online only, on-site event, online + on-site event, and for sale).
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Feb 24

V. 1.1.3 Release

SAE releases V. 1.1.3 with “To Be Announced” listings and new custom theme options.
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Dec 31

V. 1.1.2 Release

SAE releases V. 1.1.2 with custom pages feature, “Buy It Now" option, and photo cropping.
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Dec 3

V. 1.1.1 Release

SAE releases V. 1.1.1 with new auctioneer signup form, SSL automation, and new custom theme options.
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Nov 17

V. 1.1.0 Release

SAE releases V. 1.1.0 with new photo manager, conditional bidder approval, and new search engine optimization (SEO) options.
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Oct 22

V. 1.0.4 Release

SAE releases V. 1.0.4 with new Reports page and site-wide enhancements to streamline user experience.
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Oct 8

V. 1.0.3 Release

SAE releases V. 1.0.3 with new Watchlist feature, Bidder Invoices page, and pre-bids option.
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Sep 10

V. 1.0.2 Release

SAE releases V. 1.0.2 with new validation management and permissions systems, Manage Payments page, Payments report, and Google Analytics integration.
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Sep 10

V. 1.0 Release

After receiving feedback from beta testers, SAE releases V. 1.0 with updates to bid logic, support, design, security, and responsiveness.
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Aug 19

First Online Auctiion

SAE conducts its first timed online auction, a children’s book auction from Firehouse Antiques and Collectibles.