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Sharp Auction Engine combines customer service with leading-edge technology to help you organize, catalog, list, and receive payments for your personal property auctions. With features designed specifically for multi-item auction galleries, you can breathe easy knowing that your auctions run the way they should and make it easy for your bidders to find, bid on, and pay for their newly found treasures.

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All the tools you need to manage each estate. Perfect for any size business.

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Bulk Import & Auto Assign Photos

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Unlimited Auction Event Listings

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Invoicing System & Payment Processor

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No Contract & No Hidden Fees

Getting your personal property auctions online is easy with Sharp Auction Engine

Step 1: Pick a plan & sign up!

We, at Sharp Auction Engine, offer web-based auction solutions that help grow your business - no matter what stage of growth you are at. Compare our plans to find out which is best suited for you and fill out a simple form. There’s no downloads, and no headaches. Once our team deploys your personal site, you control everything right from your browser.

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Step 3: Create your catalog

Now that you have your site looking they way you want it, it’s time to create your first auction gallery! With Auctioneers like you in mind, we implemented two features that will make your life much easier: (1) Bulk Importing, to quickly upload multiple auction items with their descriptions at once and, (2) Auto Photo Assigning to add photos to all those items with one click. Plus, with SAE, you maximize value by hosting as many auctions and listings as you want - we don’t set a cap on the number of events you can have like other platforms out there.

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Step 2: Add your branding & info

Our simple, intuitive dashboard and great support team makes setup a breeze. Simply add your information and images, and adjust the colors to fit your brand. You can add custom tabs and buttons, your own terms and conditions, and so much more. Everything is designed to empower you and to grow YOUR brand, at your own pace.

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Step 4: Quickly & easily invoice winners

Once your auction has ended it’s time to cash in! Get paid right away with our integrated credit card processing and payments support. You can make charges directly through SAE with Stripe and PayPal Express (TYSYS coming soon!), giving you peace of mind about the security of your transactions. Our customizable invoices make your accounting easy, quick, and reliable. Generate, tweak, and send invoices straight from your in-platform control panel.

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We added a Shipping Estimate Calculator just for you

To make conducting online personal property auctions easier, Sharp Auction Engine has partnered with UPS to provide our users with a shipping estimate calculator. Get accurate shipping estimates, no matter what type of shipping your bidders select. As the auctioneer, all you’ll need to do is add the weight and location of your item. As long as your bidders have their street address saved to their account (you can make this a mandatory requirement to bid), they’ll be able to see shipping estimates for any item.

Interested to see how it all comes together?

Take us for a test drive with our Personal Property Demo House, ACME Estate Sales!

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Sharp Auction Engine’s clean, simple interface has all the fixins’ of a recipe for success.

With all the features you love, plus the features your bidders love, you just can’t lose. Our online auction platform works for YOU - whether you prefer to run your auctions on-site, online, or both, SAE has you covered.
Your company. Your brand. Your bidders. Your website. Your data.