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Real estate agents and brokers around the country are turning to the auction method to sell property in ever-increasing numbers. It’s not hard to see why. From reduced time on the market to maximized realized value, several factors have turned agents and sellers alike to auctions for every type of real estate imaginable.

You don’t even have to be a fast-talking bid-caller to get in on the action. Sharp Auction Engine makes it easy for you and your team to list, display, and auction all of your properties online on your own, custom-made platform.

Every SAE site comes with...

A Branded Website

Everything you touch belongs to you, and you alone. YOUR brand, YOUR bidders, YOUR data. We'll give you your own powerful, multi-faceted website and bidding platform that can be used for timed online auction sales, traditional listings, or both.

Maximized Value

The National Association of Realtors knows the benefits of auctions. They drive competition, create referrals, and enhance value. Embrace that power and give your sales an extra boost with our countdown timers, dynamic bid extensions, and bidding logic.

Unlimited Postings

We put no limit on how many listings you can run at once. Within each you get unlimited photo uploads, downloadable documents such as inspection reports or buyer disclosure forms, and embeddable videos of property walk-thrus or aerial drone footage.

Any Selling Method

SAE isn’t limited to just your properties you want to auction. Display ALL of your listings in full detail, and simply select whether they are for auction, traditional sale, or otherwise.

Choose the plan best for your real estate business.


Perfect for building your reputation in the real estate industry. See how this Real Estate Agent promotes her listings with SAE. 

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With this product, all of your agents can post their listings. See our demo for brokerage agencies.

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Don't just take our word for it...

“Most people around here in our general area have not been using this type of system to get their advertising and marketing out there. It’s pretty straight forward. You can have online auctions, or you can do them simultaneously: have an auction up online until Friday, then roll it over to a live auction on the following saturday, or whichever days you have your auctions.” -  Beau Cole, Auctioneer and Owner, Cole Properties and Auction.

The realtors at Cole Properties and Auction, Inc know the importance of proper branding. Listing your properties on your local MLS website is only one part of the equation. Having a solid, branded web presence that showcases all of your various properties in a central location is what can take a real estate business from good to great.

“We’ve been a family-owned business since 1960. Even though we’ve been around a long time, we wanted to get our branding out there to the people who don’t know us…. With the good reputation that our company has, I think it’s ultimately important that we get our branding out in front of the people. From a cost-point, I haven’t found anything more effective than Sharp Auction Engine.”  John Tumminello, Director of Marketing for Cole Properties and Auction, Inc.

Another happy realty customer.

“I’ve been using my SAE site for almost a year now for real estate listings and so far I'm loving it! The support staff is great and personable, and I can see real changes on my site after speaking with them and giving them my suggestions. They worked with me to create and upload 360 degree pictures of listings which we embedded directly into the site to really showcase the properties.

I liked that the platform had everything I needed to get started right away. I use it as my own website for my business now. It's all very intuitive and easy to get the hang of, and the support staff is always very helpful when I do have questions.”

- Nikki Bishop, Realtor, Bishop Properties with Legend Realty.

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Dazzle your clients.

There's no simpler way to display your listings in beautiful detail than with SAE.

With full HTML5 embedding options, there's no limit to the variety of ways you can showcase and highlight the best features of your properties. Use videos, 360 degree walkthroughs, unlimited photos, and more.

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